Concepts of Chemistry: An Open Source Adaptation

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Chemistry, Matter, and Measurement

  1. Chapter Introduction
  2. What Is Chemistry?
  3. The Classification of Matter
  4. Measurements
  5. Expressing Numbers: Scientific Notation
  6. Expressing Numbers: Significant Figures
  7. The International System of Units
  8. Converting Units
  9. End-of-Chapter Material

Chapter 2: Elements, Atoms, and the Periodic Table

  1. Chapter Introduction
  2. The Elements
  3. Atomic Theory
  4. The Structure of Atoms
  5. Nuclei of Atoms
  6. Atomic Masses
  7. Arrangements of Electrons
  8. The Periodic Table
  9. End-of-Chapter Material

Chapter 3: Ionic Bonding and Simple Ionic Compounds

  1. Chapter Introduction
  2. Two Types of Bonding
  3. Ions
  4. Formulas for Ionic Compounds
  5. Ionic Nomenclature
  6. Formula Mass
  7. End-of-Chapter Material

Chapter 4: Covalent Bonding and Simple Molecular Compounds

  1. Chapter Introduction
  2. Covalent Bonds
  3. Covalent Compounds: Formulas and Names
  4. Multiple Covalent Bonds
  5. Characteristics of Covalent Bonds
  6. Characteristics of Molecules
  7. Introduction to Organic Chemistry
  8. End-of-Chapter Material

Chapter 5: Introduction to Chemical Reactions

  1. Chapter Introduction
  2. The Law of Conservation of Matter
  3. Chemical Equations
  4. Quantitative Relationships Based on Chemical Equations
  5. Some Types of Chemical Reactions
  6. Oxidation-Reduction (Redox) Reactions
  7. Redox Reactions in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
  8. End-of-Chapter Material

Chapter 6: Quantities in Chemical Reactions

  1. Chapter Introduction
  2. The Mole
  3. Atomic and Molar Masses
  4. Mole-Mass Conversions
  5. Mole-Mole Relationships in Chemical Reactions
  6. Mole-Mass and Mass-Mass Problems
  7. End-of-Chapter Material

Chapter 7: Energy and Chemical Processes

  1. Chapter Introduction
  2. Energy and Its Units
  3. Heat
  4. Phase Changes
  5. Bond Energies and Chemical Reactions
  6. The Energy of Biochemical Reactions
  7. Enthalpy and Chemical Reactions
  8. Stoichiometry Calculations Using Enthalpy
  9. End-of-Chapter Material

Chapter 8: Solids, Liquids, and Gases

  1. Chapter Introduction
  2. Intermolecular Interactions
  3. Solids and Liquids
  4. Gases and Pressure
  5. Gas Laws
  6. End-of-Chapter Material

Chapter 9: Solutions

  1. Chapter Introduction
  2. Solutions
  3. Concentration
  4. The Dissolution Process
  5. Properties of Solutions
  6. End-of-Chapter Material

Chapter 10: Acids and Bases

  1. Chapter Introduction
  2. Arrhenius Definition of Acids and Bases
  3. Brønsted-Lowry Definition of Acids and Bases
  4. Water: Both an Acid and a Base
  5. Autoionization of Water
  6. The Strengths of Acids and Bases
  7. Buffers
  8. Acid-Base Titrations
  9. End-of-Chapter Material

Appendix: Periodic Table of the Elements

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